Alex is remembered not because he was killed in the IDF on his 25th birthday trying to help his commander. He is remembered by those who knew him and experienced his joy and humor about life and his discovery of his own role. He is remembered because he wrote his adventures, hopes, plans and discouragements in hundreds of letters that friends and family never threw out (now available to everyone). He is remembered for his drawings during his travels and throughout his army years. Even after 30 years, Alex’s words capture the challenges so many young people experience as they try to build Jewish lives with a purpose. His mission was to protect Israel, his home, and to help build a Jewish state facing its challenges and demonstrating the light that Judaism can bring to the world.


The Alex Singer Project

"Your message to me is one word. ‘Do.’ Do as you believe and people will follow you. Do not just know what is right, do what is right. Only then will other people follow you. Only then will you have the power to affect the world.”

-Saul Singer, Alex's brother, speaking at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. at a memorial for Alex