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About us

Alex as an Inspiration: 

"The purpose of my aliya will be a combination of wanting a greater chance to make my Judaism one of joy rather than one of burdens, of wanting to be part of Israel's development both as a state and as a beacon, and of feeling that it is the duty of the individual Jew to help the Jewish people."

-Letter to Saul, April 17, 1983

Alex Singer was killed in battle with terrorists in Lebanon in 1987 on his 25th birthday, not quite three years after he had made aliyah. Alex affected many people during his life — by his words, his writing, his art, but most of all by his personal example and action. Alex's joy in life and his integrity in pursuit of his ideals inspired all whom he touched. His mission was to protect Israel, his home, and to help build there a Jewish state able to face the challenges of a modern world, and to demonstrate the light that Judaism can bring to people's lives.

Our Mission Statement:

The Alex Singer Project works to harness the power, beauty, and joy of Alex's life and art to continue his mission to build meaningful Jewish life through the spirit of deep thought and human agency to achieve. The Project, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and activating the next generations of Jewish thinkers and do-ers around the world by showcasing Alex's exemplary passion for Judaism and Israel in life and in death. 


For the benefit of all who hear of Alex's story, the Alex Singer Project has produced a book, an educational guide to the use of the book, and a 15-minute video. Alex's senior thesis, Letters From The Diaspora, is available as well. All of these publications are available in the Resources section of the toolbar. 

  • The video, "Alex—His Words and Drawings," introduces people to Alex's book by showing who Alex was and what he was like. It includes many examples of his drawings and readings of some of his letters and journal entries.

  • The book, 'Alex: Building A Life: The Story of an American Who Fell Defending Israel – Told in His Letters, Journals, and Drawings, is comprised of Alex's writings and art, from when he was a college student through his maturing as an officer in the Army in Israel. They offer insight into his becoming an adult, his evolving commitment to Judaism, and his fears and struggles through basic training, serving on the northern border, and finally becoming an officer. The book is now available in Hebrew through Mass Publishing, and can be found here.

  • "An Educator's Guide to Using Alex's Book" is a resource that can be used in formal and informal settings to help teachers introduce to young adults valuable conversations regarding Jewish identity and purpose, diaspora and homeland, and the necessity of Jewish thought, action, and ethics.

  • 'Letters From The Diaspora' is Alex's senior thesis written at Cornell University about his experiences visiting Jewish diaspora communities throughout Europe and specifically his encounters with the Refuseniks of the Soviet Union. 

Collaboration Opportunities:

The Alex Singer Project seeks partnership opportunities with other dynamic organizations whose purposes are also dedicated to the furthering of Jewish and Zionist education and activism. Please contact us for potential partnership endeavours. 

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